Andrew Wiggins Chose Kansas, Incurred The Twitter Wrath Of College Basketball Fans

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05.14.13 11 Comments

Nothing in the world of NCAA men’s basketball recruiting mattered until today, as the presumed No. 1 recruit, Andrew Wiggins, finally made his decision about which school he’d attend for one year before declaring himself eligible for next year’s NBA Draft. A 6-8 forward, Wiggins was the American Family Insurance ALL-USA Player of the Year and averaged 23 points per game for Huntington Prep, and his slam dunk mixtape had some people calling him “The Canadian Jordan”.

Every bigtime program in the nation was recruiting this 18-year old phenom, including Florida State, which had its best and brightest (above) turning up the fire for his recruitment. And a lot of people predicted that he’d follow in the footsteps of other bigtime one-and-doners like Anthony Davis and Nerlens Noel by attending Kentucky.

But they were all wrong, as Wiggins announced that he will play for the Kansas Jayhawks next season. In the wake of his decision, there is a ton of hate being spewed at Wiggins on Twitter right now, so I thought we’d examine one of my favorite hateful Tweets and shake our heads at some others.

Here are the Tweets that one gentleman Tar Heels fan wrote leading up to Wiggins’ decision that were just recently deleted, and prior to him turning his account private:


@22wiggins Carolina’s clearly the best

@22wiggins contribute to the tradition of greatness and follow behind MJs footsteps. Please come to UNC! #Wiggins2UNC

Nothing harmful or mean-spirited, obviously, but that went down the sh*tter as soon as Wiggins chose Kansas.

That one also disappeared, but nothing actually ever disappears from Twitter, so he issued an apology anyway.

Geez okay sorry I didn’t mean that guys chill out

This guy certainly isn’t alone, and I just love showcasing how powerful hate can be on Twitter when we don’t think before we Tweet. In fact, here are plenty of other examples, courtesy of Run the Floor

Make sure to check out the rest of the rage at Run the Floor. It’s pretty spectacular.

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