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I haven't exactly been Mr. Journalist when it comes to Britt and Garrett Reid, the troubled sons of Eagles coach Andy Reid.  This is partly because I don't consider them sports figures, but mostly because they're not hot young women.  Oh man, if they were a couple of drugged-up hotties in their early twenties… But I digress.  After a variety of offenses, Garrett and Britt have both been sentenced to jail, and the judge didn't think the Reid house was the best place for the sons to be living.

"It sounds more or less like a drug emporium there with the drugs all over the house, and you're an addict," [Judge] O'Neill told Britt Reid.

Police found a shotgun and hollow-point bullets along with cocaine, marijuana and OxyContin in the vehicle Britt Reid was driving during a Jan. 30 road-rage encounter, and later found a handgun at the house that they believe he had brandished at the other driver. They found vials of heroin and steroids, more than 200 pills and a drug scale in Garrett Reid's car the same day, when he injured another motorist.

Drugs, guns, and driving problems.  Good Lord, check these kids' DNA.  It's like T.I mated with Anna Nicole Smith and Rebecca Gayheart.  Oh but wait, there's more:

Garrett Reid was sentenced to two to 23 months, and authorities said that he had smuggled 89 pills into jail by secreting them in his rectum.

Holy hell that's a lot of pills to jam in one rectum.  He's outfitted like the trunk of a VW Bug back there.

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