Andy Samberg Looks Like Old Tennis Players

Iconic sports photographer Walter Iooss, Jr. recently teamed up with the New York Times and Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg to re-capture some of tennis’ greatest legends and their even greater rivalries. If anything, it was an opportunity for Samberg to wear vintage clothes and make funny faces, or as he usually calls it – Tuesday. Look, it’s a slow sports news day and I think the photos are pretty fun, even though our evil cousin Cajun Boy already beat us to them.
Samberg and Iooss, Jr. re-created the 1980 Wimbledon Finals matchup between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, and since most of us weren’t alive then to know what any of that means (I may have been, but my records won’t be released until 2162), it was basically like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, except they weren’t friends. At all. And despite what they may say now, they pretty much hated each other. Samberg also takes on some other old dudes, but he sadly chose not to dress up as Arthur Ashe or Michael Chang. Now that would have made this a good news day.
(Unless you guys want to talk more about Dwyane Wade saying that he thinks people are going to like the Miami Heat next season now that we got all the hate out of us. But quite frankly I’d rather eat a bowl of human hair than talk about the NBA right now.)