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Last August, Angel Stadium suffered a little bit of PR ugliness when it was revealed that the facility left rotting garbage in the stands overnight after games, leading to 118 vermin violations over the span of two years.  Right on the heels of this investigation (nine months later), Condé Nast Portfolio looked at health violations in 11 major league stadiums — all 32 would have been, like, three times as much effort — and surprise: Angels Stadium is indeed the grossest, with 732 health care violations in the year 2007.

Two West Coast teams, the Los Angeles Angels [732 violations] and the Oakland A’s [493], had far more food fouls than any other team. While most were minor, some were, well, disgusting. Teams contract out food service to a handful of vendors, though team management is responsible for stadium cleanliness. The A’s declined to comment; a spokesperson for the Angels conceded that 2007 was an off year but that the team had worked with its vendor and an outside consultant and “made a lot of changes” for 2008.

And by "off year" they mean it was the same as every other year up until they got exposed.  732 health code violations, dude.  For all public spaces that fit at least 50,000 people, only Kim Kardashian's vagina has more disease.

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