Angry Cubs Fan Receives Three Years

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01.06.11 10 Comments

Back in 2008, Chicago Cubs fans and brothers Jaroslaw and Boguslaw Czapla were trying to host a fun birthday party for Jaroslaw’s two-year old kid, when a no-good Chicago White Sox fan tried telling them that the South Side was the home of the Windy City’s best baseball. Well the Czapla brothers found that to be czimply preposterous, so they corrected Robert Steele in front of everyone – by beating the sh*t out of him.

According to the Daily Herald, the Czaplas and a third man, Maciej Trojnar, knocked Steele to the ground and kicked him in the head until he lost an eye and they fractured his orbital bone. But don’t worry about the kids because they just thought he was a pinata. On Tuesday, Boguslaw received a three-year prison sentence for aggravated assault and mob action, while Jaroslaw received a six-month sentence for mob action last year. Meanwhile, Trojnar is still at large and presumed dangerous, because the Cubs are terrible.

As for Steele, his whole life has suffered as a result of losing his eye…

“Justice prevailed. I am satisfied that he’s going to prison,” Steele said after the sentence. “He doesn’t know what my life has been the past three, 2½ years going through this.”

Steele said that because of his prosthetic eye, he can no longer drive large trucks for a living, he lost his home and now his family, which includes four kids, lives in a two-bedroom apartment.

“Now that I only have one eye, I can’t find steady work,” said Steele, who later became tearful. “I sometimes bump into things. Crowds are the worst.”

Especially after holidays! Steele has already received $100,000 from Jaroslaw’s homeowner’s insurance, and there is still a civil suit pending against Boguslaw. Other members of the Czapla family have come forward to proclaim Boguslaw a good, compassionate man, whose only mistake is kicking a guy in the eye with steel-tipped boots.

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