04.20.07 11 years ago 18 Comments

Sexy spokesperson and failed tennis player Anna Kournikova got served in Miami, and not in the good way like at most restaurants.

Kournikova probably wished she'd bitten her tongue after she yelled at a Miami Beach surfer and his sunbathing puppy, "That dog should be on a [bleep]ing leash!" The surfer snapped back, "Maybe you should be on a [bleep]ing leash!" 

Oh snap.  Kournikova reportedly failed to make the correct comeback, which is "Maybe YOUR MOM should be on a fucking leash!"

But seriously, I'd like to have Anna on a leash.  Or maybe a heavy chain around her neck, like how Jabba the Hutt had Princess Leia in the last Star Wars movie.  And if Anna wore the metal bikini, all the better. In conclusion, "your mom" jokes are always acceptable comebacks. 

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