Anna Kournikova Still Kind Of Has It

Last Friday, I was farting around on the Internet when I decided to check out celebrity birthdays, and I was pretty shocked to learn that it was actor Rainn Wilson’s 46th birthday. I would have never pegged him for anything over 37 or 38. Then again, I forgot my own age just a few weeks ago, so I guess I’m not the best when it comes to guessing ages.
Then I stumbled across these images of former tennis player, “Biggest Loser” trainer and girl who had music video sex and real sex with Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova in the latest issue of the Russian magazine Tatler. I don’t know what kind of content Tatler publishes – it’s not related to the famous Tatler magazine in London – but from this feature on Kournikova, I am guessing it has something to do with retiree beachwear. Kournikova is only 30-years old – which is strange because I feel like I’ve been worshipping her for decades – but she’s looking a little… tired. And by tired, I mean in her 40s.
Hopefully, these images are just the product of a strange new Russian fad that takes incredibly attractive, leggy blondes and makes them look like they’re attending Kentucky Derby pool parties. If that’s the case, then well done, comrades.

(Via Yeeeah!)