Another Dumb ‘I Dare You To Knock Me Out’ Knockout

04.18.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Back in October, we shared with you a clip of an MMA fighter deciding he was an invincible character from Bloodsport, making the COME AT ME BRO gesture to allow his opponent a bunch of free shots and getting knocked out like a goon. Since then the clip has gotten over two million views, all of them accompanied by a simple, easy-to-understand lesson: if you’re fighting for a living, don’t taunt the guy you’re fighting about how he can’t knock you out. He will do it immediately.

I guess Dan Lewis did not see that video.

He got knocked out in the first round by Josh Coleman during the Ultimate River Throwdown at Win-River Casino in Redding, CA, and why? Because he started smacking his own cheeks. You see, he’d gotten punched once and it didn’t knock him out, so he morphed into CHONG LI and NO PUNCHES COULD HURT HIM. Except, uh, the next punch, which knocks him on his ass. Whoops!

The funny thing to me about this clip is the Josh Coleman MacGuffin. You click on an “unexpected knockout” video featuring a guy with an hilariously oversized Jay Leno chin and he’s NOT the one getting knocked out? How do you miss this guy’s chin, seriously? I could throw a punch at him from Texas and probably land it.

[h/t to Cage Potato]

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