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The second offensive coordinator firing happened within the last 24 hours–and we’re still a week away from starting the GD season. Jeff Jagodzinski was relieved of command of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense earlier today–less than eight months after his original hiring.

“I’m not here to bash Jeff Jagodzinski. What he did, coming in here and implementing the plan and having an idea … was good,” Morris said. “We’re just at a different state right now. We need to be more direct. We need to have more precision. We need to know where we’re going.”

Jagodzinski was offered a demotion to quarterbacks coach, but declined. via.

Jagodzinski was fired from Boston College after the school issued him an ultimatum regarding the New York Jets’ coaching vacancy. So it seems apparent that Jagodzinski has a bit of a hearing problem. Maybe he can catch a break and cite the Americans with Disabilities Act to get his job back. Wow, even Boston College is looking pretty good after this. At least you’ll have the holidays off this year, Jeff.

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