Another Reason To Hate The Cowboys: @DallasCowboys Gets Butthurt, Runs Down The NHL, MLB

01.08.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

"It's okay, Tony, your terrible football will be back soon."

Remember Chris Rock’s old joke about guys turning into Batman when it’s time to watch porn, then getting caught because they left the tape in the VCR? The Twitter equivalent of porn in the VCR is “forgetting to log out of your business account before you say something stupid.”

Something stupid:

In one wanking-motion-worthy tweet, the Dallas Cowboys — nay, the Dallas Cowboys organization — threw shade at Major League Baseball AND the NHL. You know, because football is in direct competition with baseball and hockey and we can only like one team in one sport. One team in one spot that is not currently still playing football because they wouldn’t stop f**king up.

The tweet was quickly deleted, and most who saw it could chalk it up to an intern somewhere accidentally hitting “tweet” instead of “cancel.” Everybody makes stupid tweets, right? No harm, no foul. In fact, here’s what Cowboys digital media director Derek Eagleton had to say about it on his personal twitter account, shortly after the @dallascowboys deletion:

I feel like “pro sports team’s digital media director” is the easiest job in the world. You just tweet “don’t forget to watch our team play!” every few days, upload a picture when your mascot and cheerleaders show up at a soup kitchen, and boom, you’re done. How do you screw that up?

I guess Leslie Knope was right. Eagleton is terrible.

[h/t to Real Sports Kings]

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