Anthony Davis Was Sort Of Right

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05.31.12 16 Comments

The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night to determine which team commissioner David Stern was doing favors for this year possesses the No. 1 pick and the eventual rights to Anthony Davis, and to mild surprise the big winner was the New Orleans Hornets. Many people had assumed that Michael Jordan’s pathetic Charlotte Bobcats would win the top pick, but apparently they even suck at being the worst.

That’s why the above image is so amusing, as Davis apparently believed that he was destined for Charlotte with the Snapback hat. Fortunately, it’s a Charlotte Hornets hat so he didn’t waste $30.

But many are still crying foul that the team that the NBA still owns – until the new owner, Tom Benson, officially takes control in July – received this pick as compensation for the fact that Stern and Co. sent Chris Paul packing to Los Angeles. In fact, according to an online USA Today poll, A LOT of people think that Stern is a dirty, no-good cheater.

The idea that the man who is in charge of a billion dollar sports league would be so obvious in collusion and hold such contempt for the fans is one that people discuss with such incredible passion on both sides of the argument, so I wanted to make sure that I collected my thoughts properly in making my own argument as to whether or not Stern is capable of fixing the televised NBA Draft Lottery…


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