Anthony Davis Is ‘The Special Man’ In This Absurd New Orleans Pelicans Ticket Deal Commercial

As we’ve documented extensively, local commercials can often be great sources of comedy, mainly for being hilariously bad. In particular New Orleans, a city notoriously rife with weirdos and eccentrics doing weird and eccentric things, has become somewhat famous for its absurd local TV spots over the years.

One such local TV spot — or, should I say, series of spots — ran during the 80s for Frankie & Johnny’s Furniture. The premise was simple: no matter how bad a customer’s credit was, or how deep the discount they requested, the store would cut them a deal, as long as it was approved first by “The Special Man,” a man who was, well, a little “special.” Each deal was approved by The Special Man mumbling, “Let ’em have it.”


The Pelicans’ version of the spot features human freakazoid Anthony Davis as The Special Man, with fellow Pelicans Ryan Anderson and Tyreke Evans also making appearances.

From the press release the Pelicans sent out this afternoon…

The New Orleans Pelicans announced “The Special Man Plan” today, unveiling their own parody of the iconic Frankie & Johnny’s Furniture spot that aired in the 1980s featuring Pelicans forwards Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson.

Similar to Frankie and Johnny’s mentality that there is a furniture set at a price point for everyone, the Pelicans are offering fans the opportunity to create a custom plan with three games of their choosing for as low as $24.

As an aside, I should note that people who grew up in New Orleans and/or the surrounding area have been going absolutely nuts since the Pels version of the commercial went live late this afternoon.

I question whether the rest of the country will embrace it as enthusiastically.

(Via Valley Shook)