Anthony Joshua Wouldn’t Mind A ‘Good Scrap’ With Jon Jones Or Francis Ngannou

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We’re living in an era where MMA fighters and boxers all want a piece of each other. You can blame Conor McGregor for showing the world how possible (and lucrative) the whole endeavor is. Before him, it was widely accepted than anyone crossing over to the other sport would get nothing but embarassment out of the experience. These days, everyone’s just looking at the dollar signs and not really worrying about the rest.

Floyd Mayweather sounds like he’s seriously preparing to give mixed martial arts a try, and then there’s heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, whose quest to unify the boxing world’s many championship belts comes first. But after that? Superfight time, and why not a boxing vs. MMA superfight at that? Sky Sports asked him about the possibility of trying out MMA and he sounded very down.

“A fight’s a fight at the end of the day, so yeah man, I’d do it.” Joshua said. “A good scrap would be that guy from Congo [Francis Ngannou], he just lost recently. Then you got Jon Jones, that would be a good scrap.”

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