Watch Anthony Pettis Shock His Brother With An Incredible Spinning Kick

Anthony Pettis has always been known as an exciting fighter, but when he pulled off the “Showtime Kick” at the final WEC show, the entire world took notice. Pettis can simply do things in live-action fighting that others can’t even fathom pulling off with a stationary target in a controlled environment. Proving he’s not just the guy who pulled off the Showtime Kick, he also decimated Donald Cerrone with an off-the-cage flying knee a few years ago at UFC on FOX 6. There’s no limit to what this man can do with his fists and feet. Some fighters just want to be in videogames, but the games are only catching up to what Pettis can do.

So how else can Pettis push the boundaries of his impeccable techniques? The innovator can only come up with so many wild, twisting strikes, right? Wrong. Ahead of his fight with Eddie Alvarez at Fight Night 81, the former lightweight champ has one more trick up his sleeve. He recruited his coach and CM Punk trainer Duke Roufus, and brother, who’s a UFC flyweight for another martial arts stunt.

What happened would shock the world, but mostly his brother, who would never see this spinning kick coming.