Anthony Rizzo’s Local Chevy Ad Isn’t Terrible

Senior Writer
07.22.13 8 Comments

Anthony Rizzo

Among the many things that fascinate me – including, but not limited to, shiny objects, Tyler Perry’s success, how people don’t punch Scott Disick at least once a day, Kate Upton and Taco Bell Volcano Tacos – professional athletes doing local TV commercials may be my favorite. They’re just so awkwardly delightful, as you can see in the athletes’ faces that they sooooooo don’t want to be doing this, but money’s money.

The latest example of such an ad comes to us courtesy of Phillips Chevrolet, the #1 Chevy dealer in all of Illinois, as its newest commercial features young Chicago Cubs slugger and second most popular graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (behind me, naturally) Anthony Rizzo in all of his untucked dress shirt glory.

But for all of its awkward goofiness, it’s really not as bad as we’ve come to expect local TV ads to be.

It certainly doesn’t even put a dent in the status of Worst Pro Athlete Local TV Ad Of The Last 10 Years award that Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla has had a stranglehold on since his Florida Marlins days with this incredible air conditioning commercial…

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