Did You See The Tooth Soaring Through The Air At UFC 202?

We knew going into UFC 202 that Glover Teixeira and Rumble Johnson would be throwing down hard. The two sluggers had 30 knockouts between them, and Anthony Johnson took 13 seconds on Saturday night to bring the total to 31. One uppercut sent Glover to the mat, and Rumble hit him so hard Glover started grappling the referee.

Now, after rewatching the UFC 202 highlights because it was the best event in recent memory, it’s clear that Glover’s consciousness wasn’t the only thing that went into orbit. Take a look at his tooth that goes flying multiple feet into the air thanks to the unfathomable power of Rumble.

This tweet sums it up.

Here it is again at regular speed. You can see the tooth go flying, then land a few feet away. I’m willing to say that thing flew at least ten feet in the air.

Is there any human in the UFC scarier than Rumble? At least in the first round? Since we’re finally starting to admit that MMA is more spectacle than straight sport, we need to start making some classic matchups. The UFC needs to make things right with Mark Hunt so we can get Hunt vs. Rumble in Japan for the King of the Scary Punch title.