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For the first time in a long while, Hollywood writers and producers are actually doing something good.  They may be even saving the world:

Actress Eva Longoria has reportedly been hit with a baby ban by the producers of hit TV show Desperate Housewives for fear of ruining their scripts. Creator/producer Marc Cherry told Longoria during her French fairytale wedding to basketball star Tony Parker last Saturday that she needs to postpone falling pregnant because it hasn't been written into the show for her character, Gabrielle Solis. 

But weren't Parker and Longoria married in the Roman Catholic Church?  So does this mean they must abstain from partaking in  the joy (or sorrow as it were) of their connubial bed? You see, my fellow Catholics and I are forbidden from using contraceptive devices.  I suppose they could use that Natural Family Planning Method crap (we are allowed to use basic math to prevent pregnancies, just not science), and that works real well.  It's efficacy can be seen in my many siblings and 121 first cousins.  Maybe the Antichrist is on his way; the Cubs have won a lot lately. -KD


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