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Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker was held at gunpoint and robbed in his Chicago home last night.  He was unharmed, but probably won't be happy enough to do this for awhile.

Police and witnesses said two offenders held Walker and at least one other person at gunpoint during the robbery, Chicago broadcasters reported from the scene in the city's River North neighborhood Monday night…

This has got to be a trying time for him.  It must have been painful to not be able to go crying to a referee afterward.

In July 2000, Walker — then a Boston Celtic — was the victim of an armed robbery along with NBA center Nazr Mohammed as they sat in a vehicle waiting for a restaurant on Chicago's South Side to open. Police said at the time that three men approached and demanded cash and valuables, which included a $55,000 wristwatch.

Wow.  Twice?  Is this some kind of karmic punishment for spending his entire career never fulfilling his potential and team-hopping in search of getting a championship ring?  Well, that's a ridiculous notion and cruel to even suggest.  But yes.  Yes, it totally is.

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