The NFL Made Antonio Brown Remove His Awesome Cleats That Paid Tribute To Muhammad Ali

Associate Editor
10.09.16 3 Comments

You’ll never believe this, but the NFL did something kind of lame. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown tried to pay homage to the late Muhammad Ali on Sunday with a pair of awesome cleats. But the NFL, in typical NFL fashion, decided that these cleats weren’t cool and made him take them off during the game.

The league has a dubious history with players wearing things that aren’t approved. The most notable example of this came last year, when Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing eye black that raised breast cancer awareness. There’s no word on whether this will lead to any sort of fine for Brown.

One of these days, the NFL will see a player wearing cleats that are cool and go “oh yeah, you can wear those because they are awesome.” It may take a while, but all Brown was trying to do was remember the life and legacy of one of the greatest athletes of all-time.

Actually, wait, the NFL let a player do this last week. Said player wore special cleats which paid homage to another legendary athlete: the late Arnold Palmer. And of course, that player was Antonio Brown.

Sometimes, all you can do is read about the NFL doing stuff like this and shrug.

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