07.28.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

Boxing coverage is pretty sparse around here, but Saturday night's Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito punchathon deserves special mention.  Cotto came in unbeaten, a heavy favorite and one of the most lauded boxers on the planet for his impeccable technique.  All Margarito did was cobble a script that was equal parts Rocky and Terminator.  Except in this case, Rocky won and the Terminator wasn't crushed by complex machinery.  Like I said, I don't write about boxing much.

Fortunately, Unsilent Majority and Large at the Sporting Blog are both inspired by the Sweet Science — not to be confused with the Beautiful Game (soccer) or the Fat Drunk Chick of Sport (baseball) — and penned detailed accounts after watching what they both call the absolutely-definite-no doubt FIGHT OF THE YEAR.  Shows what they know.  It's still only July.  I've got five more months to track down Katie Couric. 

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