Antrel Rolle Can’t Keep His Big Mouth Shut

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02.01.12 3 Comments

On Monday, we exposed Tom Brady for what he really is – a brash, cocky meathead jerk. A day earlier he told a crowd of 25,000 New England Patriots fans that he hoped to see them all back in a week for a much larger celebration. Of course he was implying that he hoped his team would win the Super Bowl, to which the unbiased and modest New York sports media replied, “Shame on you, good sir.”

Thankfully, the New York Football Giants don’t have to worry about any of their players making hypothetical statements of team pride at a pep rally organized solely for celebrating that team. No, their players modestly guarantee victories at some little known event called Super Bowl Media Day.

“We’re going to win this thing,” (Antrel) Rolle said at Media Day today at Lucas Oil Stadium. “We’re going to win this thing for a lot of good reasons.” (Via the New Jersey Star-Ledger)

Now, in fairness to Rolle, that statement can be taken a few different ways. So of course the mainstream pro-Boston media took it to mean that Rolle was guaranteeing a victory, and they were wrong. What he meant when he said, “We’re going to win this thing” was more of a read-between-the-lines kind of thing.

“I didn’t say we’re going to win, I said we’re going to go out there and do whatever it takes to win,” Rolle said. “I didn’t guarantee anything.”

You don’t have to explain yourself, Antrel. We get you. Brady’s arrogance shined through clearly in his claim that “We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend”, and the New York Post and NY Daily News destroyed him accordingly on their covers. Rolle’s humble comments also deserve a cover story… as Time’s Man of the Year.

Sarcasm-soaked tomfoolery aside, this is why I f*cking love Super Bowl Media Day. Forget the morons in costumes asking ridiculous questions (more on that later), give me the overblown media response any day of the week. Sure, we could talk about the amazing story of Mark Herzlich, who was told two years ago that he may never walk again because of cancer, but wouldn’t we rather be lazy and blow meaningless quotes out of proportion?

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