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Following the Jazz's Game 1 loss to the Rockets, Andrei Kirilenko did little to toughen up his image when he cried about his lack of playing time.  Literally.

Sitting alone at the edge of the court after the Jazz practiced for Game 2 of their first-round playoff series, the team's highest-paid player cried.  Forward Andrei Kirilenko used a towel to wipe tears from his red and swollen eyes Sunday while discussing his minimal role in the Jazz's 84-75 loss to the Rockets in Game 1. Kirilenko played only 16 minutes.

First of all, this story would be way better if one of the reporters had depantsed him while he cried.  That woulda been sweet.  Second, I'd like to make fun of him, but real men like me and Andrei know when it's okay to cry.  Like when Old Yeller gets shot.  Or when you're hanging out with your Marine buddies at the VFW.  Or Kodak commercials.  Or sometimes when I'm just retaining a lot of water.  Or especially the last ten minutes of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."  You move that bus, Ty.  You move that bus!

Acknowledging chin-raise: the FanHaus, which will never confuse Andrei with Maria Kirilenko.

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