The Apple Cup Featured A Blizzard, So A Fox Sports Commentator Sang The Simpsons ‘Mr. Plow’ Song

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There’s something really special about November football. Beyond the fact that games usually mean a ton for the conference championship and College Football Playoff picture, seeing games played in cold, inclement weather gives you the whole “this is how football is meant to be played” feel. Still, despite this, the conditions for the 111th Apple Cup are less than ideal.

Eighth-ranked Washington State is playing host to its most bitter rival, 16th-ranked Washington, on Friday night in one of the Pac-12’s games of the season. The Cougars are the conference’s last chance to make the Playoff this year, but the Huskies don’t care about that in the slightest, because they’re trying to win their sixth game in a row in the series and also these teams hate each other a lot.

The high-flying Washington State offense struggled at times in the first half, as it went into the locker room down 14-7. The snow in Pullman is blinding, and while the teams were in the locker rooms, the maintenance crew plowed the field.

This occurred while the Fox Sports crew was doing its thing, and Robert Smith — who has long been very good at television, both for his current employer and his former employer, ESPN — took a moment to serenade viewers with the Mr. Plow song from The Simpsons.

It was a fun moment, but the Mr. Plow song is an easy one for anyone to sing. If Smith wants to really impress us, we recommend he does the entire monorail song. For added points, he should dress just like Lyle Lanley.