Aqib Talib Snatched Michael Crabtree’s Chain Again, Starting A Huge Broncos-Raiders Fight

11.26.17 1 year ago

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Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib have a history with each other, after the infamous chain-snatching incident from last season. So, when the Broncos and Raiders met on Sunday in Oakland, it came as no surprise to see the two get locked up in another scuffle, but this time it escalated into an all out brawl.

Crabtree and Talib got hooked up on a block and, again, Talib went to snatch Crabtree’s chain. Crabtree drove Talib onto the sideline and barreled into a cameraman, where Talib ripped off his helmet and sparked the first portion of the fight between the two teams. CBS detailed their old history and how it spilled into their most recent fracas.

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