Are The Yankees The Most Hated Baseball Team In America… Or The Entire World?

It shouldn’t take much of a widespread survey of baseball fans to reveal that the New York Yankees aren’t exactly a universal favorite from coast-to-coast. People who aren’t fans of the Yankees simply love to hate the Yankees, whether because of jealousy and spite over all of those World Series trophies or the fact that it’s just fun to hate the Evil Empire and its bandwagon fans. But that doesn’t mean that the Bronx Bombers are alone. After Redditor “scolbert08” surveyed fans across North America and even around the world about which MLB teams they cared for the least, “kmhokies35” turned the information into a visual logo orgy for our eyes with some handy dandy maps.

The results? Obviously, people really hate the Yankees, but it may blow your minds just how far that hatred wraps around the globe. Just kidding. It’s the Yankees. Nothing will surprise you at how much people hate them. Instead, what might surprise you most is that there are teams that baseball fans hate more, like the St. Louis Cardinals, who are hated the second most by seven not-at-all classy and intelligent states.

Perhaps most surprising is the relatively low number of states that hate the Boston Red Sox, but really it’s how anyone could not like the Cardinals. That must have been some kind of margin of error thing, because the Cardinals play baseball the right way and are therefore celebrated by the Best Fans in Baseball.

As for the entire world? Bad news, Yankees fans. Aside from a bizarre resentment of the Los Angeles Dodgers by Australia, this is a Yankee-hating world and we’re all just living in it.

At least in Canada the Yankees have some competition. The people of the Northwest Territories just flat out detest the San Diego Padres. Or maybe there’s only one baseball fan up there and he just really dislikes the Padres. Either way, you’re on notice, San Diego.