Are You Ready for Twice the Joe Morgan?

10.04.06 11 years ago

I was reading the New York Post this morning — the old-school paper-and-ink version — and I saw a curious article that doesn't show up on the web edition.

So, ESPN has both the 4 p.m. Mets game and the 8 p.m. Yankees game today. What does that mean for you, the television viewer? It means twice the Joe Morgan. He's going to call the game in Flushing, then zoom over to Yankee Stadium for an announcing doubleheader… because apparently no one else is enough of a shamelessly ignorant baseball "purist" to provide color commentary like, "Both teams are going to try to win this game" and "Did you know that I'm in the Hall of Fame? I am. That makes me great,even though I was a career .271 hitter who never got to 3000 hits. Anybody who didn't play baseball doesn't know as much as me, because I played baseball." He's the perfect storm of bad announcing — the pompousness of Joe Buck crossed with the small-minded know-it-all idiocy of the first seventh-grader to touch a girl's boobs.

What I'm trying to say is that he's a dipshit. Pray that the Triboro Bridge collapses around 7:00 p.m.

If you're somehow unaware that Joe Morgan is an idiot with no business in the broadcast booth, the place to follow today and tonight's action is, of course, Fire Joe Morgan

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