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I've never understood why the arenafootball2 league is necessary when people are already ignoring the Arena Football League.  Are depressing American hamlets like Boise and Bakersfield, California really that starved for indoor football?  I thought residents of towns like that had meth to pass the time.

Anyway, in the biggest arenafootball2 story of the year, Maurice Troutman (Trout-Man = worst superhero ever) of the Bakersfield Blitz was arrested in Idaho after allegedly raping a woman following a game against the Boise Burn on Sunday night.  And, in a touching display of team camaraderie, Troutman had an accomplice:

Boise Police have arrested a second California man and charged him with felony burglary in connection with the rape case.  Rennard Reynolds, 30, of Long Beach, CA, is also a player for the Bakersfield Blitz Arena Football team.

And I know what you people are doing.  You're preparing your Bengals jokes.  Shame on you.  A woman was raped.  This would never happen in the NFL.  NFL players are famous and rich enough to always enjoy consensual sex.  So really, the problem is institutional; the blame falls squarely on arenafootball2.  And scapegoats.  Scapegoats are always to blame.

(Seen on Zero Tolerance)

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