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Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas may have just cost himself a good chunk of $111Mil.  Arenas, who has been inconsistently active since 2007 while recovering from knee surgeries, committed a major gaffe by waving his piece at Javaris Crittenton over a $25G gambling debt – ALLEGEDLY.

Regardless of the details, though, Arenas could be in a world of trouble — with the District and Federal governments, with the league and with the Wizards — with the possibility, remote for now but still there, that the team could ultimately seek to void the remainder of his $111 million contract, signed in 2008.–, via

If Washington were to kick Arenas to the curb–which they say they haven’t decided to do yet–it would make them a player in the free agent class for 2010.  And a big OOPS! for Arenas, who previously plead no contest to a 2003 misdemeanor charge in Cali for concealed weapon and driving sans license.  Apparently that sort of thing is mega-frowned upon in DC and could majorly impact any potential rulings.

When the guy plays, he makes an impact.  But man, how the hell hard is it to I don’t know…NOT carry around guns and just generally stay out of trouble?  Too hard for Arenas, it appears.  Dumping a player that the team has to constantly make excuses and apologies for may not be such a bad idea, especially when they’re trying to implement a new scheme under Flip Saunders.

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