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Five weeks ago, Gilbert Arenas welshed on a $25,000 debt from a Wizards’ team poker game, an act that led to him and another player, Jarvaris Crittendon, brandishing guns in front of each other. After yesterday’s decision handed down from Mt. Olympus David Stern, both Arenas and Crittendon will sit out the Wizards’ last 50 games of the season. Arenas, in his efforts to dodge a $25,000 marker, will forfeit over $7 million in salary as a result of the suspension. Shoulda checked the flop, Gil.

Arenas pleaded guilty Jan. 15 to a felony gun charge after a confrontation with Crittenton at the Verizon Center. Arenas, who is scheduled to be sentenced March 26, is in the second season of a six-year, $111 million contract and will be docked $7.36 million.

“Mr. Arenas recognizes that his actions were a serious violation of the law and league rules and were detrimental to the NBA and its reputation,” said Arenas’ attorney, Ken Wainstein. “He accepts full responsibility for what he did, and takes no issue with the length of the suspension or the process that led to the Commissioner’s decision.” –Y! Sports.

Stern originally waited for the legal process to take its course, and as the result of a 50-game suspension. But the ensuing “Finger Gunz” photo did Arenas in. He’ll be fighting to keep the Wizards from voiding what’s left of his $111 million contract. And Arenas has ruined the fun for everyone else; the Wizards, along with the Heat and Nets, have now banned card-playing on team flights. And the entire “NBA is full of thugs” mindset just got a shot in the arm. But not like a “gunshot.” I meant that in a figurative sense.

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