Arian Foster Is A Marked Man

09.01.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Remember when LaDainian Tomlinson was in his prime, just an absolute beast like a second coming of Marshall Faulk, and everyone thought he was this quiet, reserved, and classy athlete that never spoke out in a critical fashion, but then he lost to the New England Patriots and we couldn’t shut him up? That’s how I’m starting to feel about Arian Foster, except Foster had one good season, as opposed to a Hall of Fame career.

First, Foster lashed out at the fantasy football enthusiasts who had been Tweeting at him about their concerns over his hamstring, calling them sick. And he was right. But now he’s feeding the bears – and invoking his team’s and the NFL’s wrath – after he Tweeted the above MRI of his hamstring, which is not only a violation of team policy, but also incredibly stupid.

I’ll let former Patriot and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi explain why.

“As a defensive player, if this is his hamstring, noting that the sore spot — the white spot that he calls anti-awesomeness — is in the middle of the hamstring, as I’m getting off of a pile, maybe I push. Maybe that’s where I push. Because I know that’s exactly where it is. I give it a little dig, I give it a little twist as I get off the pile. Maybe I do that.” (Via PFT)

And I’ll add to his statement with my own expertise: “DUHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Foster claims that he Tweeted the MRI as a joke and he fired back at his critics by saying that they need a better sense of humor. So I’m going to appease both sides and play devil’s avocado here:

In Foster’s defense, it is incredibly selfish and stupid of fans to only show concern for their fantasy football and gambling needs. Foster is a talented athlete with a bright future, and we should be more concerned with his security and health.

However, as someone who invested a second round draft pick on Foster in his keeper league, I would counter with: “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE GET BETTER SO I DON’T SUCK!”

And since I know you’re wondering – yes, yes I was awesome at Lincoln-Douglas debate in high school.

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