Arian Foster Wishes The NFL Would Allow More NHL-Style Fighting

Arian Foster is a big fan of playoff hockey and he wanted the world to know it last night. He also has a new idea for how to rid the NFL of one its most serious problems: jaw jackin. Jaw jackin has afflicted the league for too long, and now Foster has a fix: let the players settle their dust-ups with fisticuffs like they do in hockey.

That’s right, let them throw down. If Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers start jaw jackin during a game over who has the best commercial they can just fight it out. The real prize-fight however would be a JJ Watt vs. Gronk battle.  We’ll start taking bets now. Yes, let’s have NFL players further damage their brains by beating the hell out of each other because it’s not like the league has run into issues protecting its players from head injuries.

This is a brilliant idea and we’re surprised Roger Goodell didn’t think of it himself; although, he might be busy with other things at the moment.

Sorry Arian, your idea might be too ahead of its time. In twenty years, when the NFL is struggling to stay relevant, maybe, but not now. Although the rest of us agree with you that playoff hockey is indeed soooo hype. Unless you’re a Capitals fan.

(H/T Barstool Sports)