Arianny Celeste And Brittney Palmer Something Something Photoshoot Compilation Video

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here is candid footage from various Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer solo and tandem photoshoots, collected in a handy and easy-to-digest Vimeo highlight reel. Highlights include Arianny going Full Kate Upton In German Vogue (pictured), the time they wore USA bikinis, the time they wore letterman jackets without shirts, and … yeah you aren’t reading this.

The video is after the jump. Warning: it contains smooth hip-hop.

Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer from 808s and Ankle Breaks on Vimeo.

Have a nice weekend, everybody. Go out and buy some USA swim trunks and live this video like you were dying.

[via the Arianny Celeste Online Fan Club]