This Arianny Celeste Soccer Shoot Doesn't Make Sense, But Who Cares

It hasn’t been the best year for iconic octagon ring-girl Arianny Celeste, what with all the arrests for domestic abuse, but the charges against her were dropped and she can spend the rest of 2012 focusing on what she does best: looking absolutely gorgeous in situations that make little-to-no sense.

Take this shoot for Maxim Korea for example. In it, a woman with a legit sports tie to UFC is seen posing with a soccer ball. Why? Is “Arianny Celeste soccer” a big Google search term? Who knows? It makes about as much sense as having a lady walk around with a big number held over her head instead of just telling people what round it is. Regardless, the shoot is amazing, especially when she drops the soccer ball and just starts Instagramming herself behind the scenes.

Or, you know, don’t take this for an example and just look at the pictures. Either way works.

[h/t to Jessica at Leg Kick TKO, with additional behind-the-scenes photos via]