The Arizona Diamondbacks Are Already Running Out Of Giant $25 Corn Dogs

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04.03.14 11 Comments

Arizona Diamondbacks

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the D-Bat Dog, an 18-inch corn dog stuffed with bacon, jalapeños and cheddar cheese available at Chase Field during Arizona Diamondbacks games. “This thing costs $25,” we laughed. “Who would pay $25 for a giant corn dog?”

Everyone. Everyone would pay $25 for a corndog.

We’re only two days into the MLB season and the Arizona Diamondbacks are facing a severe shortage of D-Bat Dogs. The item has proved so popular that the crew has to reevaluate their entire approach and work when the team is out of town, or else they won’t have enough Cthulhu logs to feed the starving, novelty-hungry D-Backs fan base.

Via ESPN, who is reporting corn dog shortages as legitimate news:

The corn dog became a social media star when the team announced the item two weeks ago. Team president and CEO Derrick Hall said at the time that he didn’t have any expectations, but Hall told on Wednesday that the item has been so successful, the team needs some catch-up time.

“We sold 300 on the first night,” Hall said. “And we only sold 100 last night because we ran out. We can’t make them fast enough. We have 100 ready for tonight and we’ll have 100 ready for tomorrow. And then when the team goes on the road, we’ll get to work to make more.”

On opening night, some fans waited nearly an hour to be able to buy a D-Bat, and Hall said that if sales remain as brisk as they are, the team will have to extend the sale of the corn dog beyond the two concession areas that are selling it now.

Yes, there is a video report. About how people want a big corn dog but can’t get it.

The worst part of the story is the followup about how super-sized items are so suddenly popular that everybody who goes to a baseball game thinks they’re Man vs. Food and needs a gross trough of amalgamated food.

The Texas Rangers unveiled the “Choomongous,” two feet of Asian-spiced beef on a bun for $26, and the Chicago White Sox announced plans to sell a 3-pound, 12-scoop sundae in a full-size batting helmet for $17.

How do we increase attendance at baseball games? Why not try killing everyone who is still going to baseball games?

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