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Blytheville, Arkansas police were searching for a 'Travis Henderson' who had failed to appear in court on a reckless driving charge, when they discovered a man who answered to that name. Naturally, they Tasered him. Unfortunately, as Memphis News Channel 3 reports, it was the wrong man:

[Police] stopped the wrong 'Travis Henderson' simply because one of the officers recognized him either from school or from his Special Olympics fame. "(3 On Your Side) DID (YOUR OFFICERS) CHECK THEIR BIRTHDATES?" "(Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson) They actually did, and they found they were very similar." "(3 On Your Side) BUT NOT THE SAME." "(Thompson) But not the same."

Still, the wrong Henderson did resist arrest:

3 On Your Side obtained the Taser cam footage of the incident . . . There is an exchange of words between Henderson and Officer Ward: "(Officer Ward) O.K., don't resist…" "(Henderson) O.K." "(Officer Ward)…'cause you're gonna get Tased." "(Henderson) I'm not…" A few seconds later, Henderson screams as he receives a single "drive-stun," a low-level burst of electricity.

To be fair, this guy did have same name of the suspect. Most metropolitan police forces would have arrested him just because he fit the description. He was between 5'0" and 7'0", over 12 years of age, and African-American. -KD

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