Arkansas Used An Insane Lateral To Convert One Of The Wildest Plays This College Football Season

Arkansas faced a do-or-die fourth down in overtime against Ole Miss on Saturday night, needing to convert a a 4th and 25 to keep the game alive. It looked like they were stopped short, then they did THIS.

Things started out well on the play, with quarterback Brandon Allen having plenty of time to throw outside to Hunter Henry for about three yards. But with defenders closing in and Henry well shy of the required 25 yards needed for a first down, the junior tight end did the one thing he could think of and threw it up for grabs.

Luckily, running back Alex Collins was there to pick it up after the bounce, and with the opposite side of the field wide open, Collins sprinted for 25 yards and the drive was kept alive.

That’s just about the worst lateral you could ever imagine – definitely not how they teach you in football school – AND IT WORKED.

To top it all off, Arkansas  scored a few plays later and won the game on a two-point conversion.

Maybe if the Oxford, Mississippi police department had done what Ole Miss fans were asking them to, the Rebels wouldn’t be sitting in the locker room with another loss right now.