An Arkansas Professor Was Arrested For Drunkenly Screaming That Bret Bielema Should Be Fired

10.09.16 2 years ago

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There is no shame in losing to the Alabama Crimson Tide, even by a 49-30 margin at home. However, one Arkansas fan has apparently had enough of Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema and decided to unleash in the waning moments of Saturday’s loss in Fayetteville.

The twist, though, is that the fan in question is actually an associate professor at the school named Lawton Nalley.

Nalley was unceremoniously removed from the premises after a profanity-laced tirade, and he was quickly arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. A quick Google search yields Nalley’s public biography on the school’s website and he is referenced as an assistant professor of agricultural economics and agribusiness. For additional context, this mugshot has been published alongside some additional details, including his age – he is 37 years old.

Washington County Sheriff

To be (somewhat) fair to Nalley, this is an incident that probably occurs on the majority of college campuses each weekend, especially with regard to the reasons for his arrest. Still, it is highly noteworthy when an employee of the university goes after the head coach in this fashion, and choosing the day when Bielema’s team loses to the best team in the country would represent odd timing.

For the most part, Bret Bielema, despite a 22-22 overall record, has performed in respectable fashion during his tenure at Arkansas. But this member of the faculty disagreed enough to earn an arrest and a moment of general infamy.

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