Arkansas Razorbacks YouTube Karaoke Hits A New Low With 'I'm A Bielemer'

Pro Wrestling Editor

The Arkansas Razorbacks need to hire a PR guy to keep them from seeming so stupid on the Internet. Whether it’s Taiwan beautifully illustrating Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle blowjob or coach John L. Smith’s hateful command of “SMIIIIILE” becoming a meme, the Razorbacks are becoming the Angry Orange of college football. You’d think that’d be Syracuse, but nope.

Razorbacks fans are to blame for most of it. Remember that weird housewife in a pig helmet with tape on her nose who won’t stop uploading Arkansas-themed Brotherhood of Man covers? Today, she’s joined by WESLEY and his new hit song I’m a Bielemer Tribute Video to Bret Bielema.

If this guy singing a Monkees cover with college football lyrics doesn’t do it for you, perhaps his off-screen backup singers will. Yes, this is happening. Somebody get him a helmet and a roll of scotch tape, stat.

Jack McBrayer has really let himself go since ’30 Rock.’

(I think the backup singer said it best when he said, “duh duh duh duh.”)

[h/t to Kegs N’ Eggs]

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