An Arkansas State Player Held A Field Goal With His Tongue

Today in “things that have the potential to end disastrously if they don’t go exactly the right way,” Arkansas State kicker Luke Ferguson decided to hold a 17-yard field goal for one of his teammates on the Red Wolves’ practice field, which was nice of him. However, instead of this being like any other field goal attempt and using his finger to hold the ball, Ferguson decided to hold the ball on the ground with his tongue.

Ferguson’s ended up dodging a bullet, because if his teammate’s foot hit this the wrong way he’d probably be writhing on the ground in pain. Even though this was a chip shot and his teammate probably didn’t have to put too much leg into it, that would probably be something like 10,000 times worse than when you bite your tongue, right? Plus the little rubber things in the ground as part of the artificial turf could have gotten into his mouth, which would have been really unpleasant.

Anyway, Ferguson’s teammate drilled the field goal and managed to avoid booting his face, so I suppose it was worth it.

(Via SB Nation)