Arkansas And TCU Packed A Whole Game’s Worth Of Crazy Moments Into Just Over A Minute

Arkansas and TCU are both really good at playing wildly entertaining football games. The two sides played on Saturday and – to the surprise of no one – the end of regulation was completely insane.

The big moment came towards the end of the fourth quarter after Arkansas scored a touchdown to make the game 28-26. The Hogs went for two and dug deep into the playbook: a double reverse pass that was caught by the team’s quarterback. The pass was hauled in, and it looked like overtime was going to happen.

But the Razorbacks had to kick off to KaVontae Turpin, TCU’s dynamic return man. He brought the ball to Arkansas’ 27…but that wasn’t good enough for the Horned Frogs. On the first play of the drive, the team threw a touchdown, which led to the crowd in Fort Worth going insane.

Unfortunately, the dude who caught the ball stepped out of bounds, so the touchdown was negated. TCU milked the clock and got in position for a 28-yard field goal. Of course, because college football is crazy and wonderful, the chip shot was blocked by Arkansas’ 6’10” offensive tackle who was put in for the play.

The reaction from TCU fans on the play was predictably great.

Overtime was almost as crazy. Both teams scored in the first OT on longer touchdown passes, TCU hit a field goal to go ahead in the second OT, and Arkansas got the win thanks to a touchdown run by Austin Allen.