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We receive many tips regarding armless people at the old With Leather inbox, but this one involves a death in Georgia:

Relatives of Charles Keith Teer, 47, claim he died after the armless man, William Russell Redfren, head-butted and kicked Teer during a fight . . . "He's dating my brother's ex-girlfriend," said Teer's sister Lynn Elliot. "My neighbor left my brother for this guy, so it's a verbal argument between them the whole time . . . They got into a big confrontation, a verbal confrontation and a fist fight and he came after my brother, he came with full force, and head butted him as hard as he could," said Elliot.

Wow, it's just like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Except white-trashier.  I could totally see the multi-talented Kevin Spacey playing an armless man though, he's a national treasure.

After an autopsy, the Gwinnett County medical examiner said Tuesday that Teer died of a heart attack. He also said Teer suffered from existing heart problems. "There's an ongoing investigation but he died within five minutes," said Elliot. "They took off running right after he got hit. He (my brother) was still standing when they left, but my daughter was here, and he leaned against the truck and said, 'I'm about to faint,' and he hit the my driveway before anything could be done."

Hmm, I'd advise that armless dude to leave out that his victim was a fat fuck when he retells this story to the lovely ladies in the tavern.  Girls appreciate it when you've bested a worthy opponent.  That's why I tell Agnes that I once knocked out Gentleman Jim Corbett in only 63 rounds – beggars can't be choosers. -KD

Thanks to sexy reader M T for the tip.

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