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Lance Armstrong (you remember him, right?) has been training in southern France for another race in his coming-out-of-retirement tour when he was approached by the AFLD, France’s anti-doping agency for a sample to test. And just when Ol’ One Ball was ready to whip it out and fill up a cup, they asked him for hair. From Y! News:

“He was surprised we asked for a hair sample, he asked some questions,” Jean-Pierre Verdy, the AFLD’s operating chief, told Reuters after an AFLD meeting on Wednesday.

AFLD President Pierre Bordry told a news conference the move was also aimed at showing Armstrong he was “a rider like any other.”

“He must know that he is like everybody else,” said Bordry.

Yeah, he’s just like every other Yankee scum that won our marquee bike race seven times. I’m amazed some Pierre hasn’t gone Jeff Gilloly on him yet. I always thought Armstrong went back into racing to boost his Q rating back to the point where he didn’t have to pay for sex. Hey, count your blessings Lance, that could have been your corpse lying in Mary Kate Olsen’s apartment. Is it laying or lying? Eh, he got an Oscar; who cares…

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