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THE SPORTING BLOG is reporting that Armstrong still plans to race in the Giro d’Italia in about a month, even though his collarbone may not be healed by then. Like I said, it was a ridiculous theory.

When we last left Lance Armstrong, he had just been solicited for a hair sample–much to his surprise–by the French anti-doping agency. Such a reaction from the seven-time Tour de France seems curious, especially with the big race only months away. If only there was a way to heroically back out of the race without dealing with the scrutiny of being disqualified. From the DashBot at Deadspin:

Armstrong got caught up in a scrum about 12.5 miles from the finish of the first stage of the “Vuelta of Castilla and Leon” near Baltanas, Spain, yesterday. As the road narrowed, a couple of cyclists in the lead pack crashed, taking Armstrong down with them, breaking his right collarbone and possibly aborting his cycling comeback before it ever really got started. (And the same week Matt Lauer hits a deer on his bike? Spooky.) But why am I telling you this, when 140 characters could do the job just as well?

Look, I admit that I don’t know how these KGB-style doping agencies work, and frankly I don’t think you could swing a baguette in downtown Paris without swiping someone that wouldn’t leak a positive Lance Armstrong test. So I don’t really know if Armstrong missing the race would keep his name clear, not that such a thing ever did Barry Bonds any good. And the theory would be almost too ridiculous to mention, had Nick Tarnowski of On The DL not said nearly the exact same thing this morning. I guess great, paranoid, sleep-deprived minds think alike.

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