Army Breaks Out The Twitter Block On Air Force Ahead Of Their Big Game

One of the biggest rivalries in college football has next to nothing to do with the College Football Playoff, or even the standings for that matter. It’s one of the purest expressions of school pride you can find in the sport, and it comes from the Army-Air Force game, one in the series that awards the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy, to be played on Saturday. Ahead of the game, Army has taken the bold move of blocking Air Force on Twitter.

Come on, Army! Blocking is the refuge of cowards! We’ve never known you to back down from anything before. Plus, you can just mute them if you don’t want to hear their nonsense, and they’d have never known.

There’s really no easy way out of this for Army. Keep Air Force blocked, and there continues to be a lack of fun smack-talk for fans to enjoy and get wrapped up in. Unblock Air Force, and they’re capitulating, something which goes against all their training. Maybe they’re just preparing for the sadness of Sunday — Army is 2-6 and coming off a loss to Rice, and Air Force is 5-3 and just spanked Hawaii 58-7. Anything can happen in college football, but it’s not looking too good for the Black Knights.

As of this publishing, Army’s Twitter account has not responded to being called out.