A Catastrophic Trick Play On A Kickoff By Army Handed Tulane A Touchdown

Trick plays rule because one of two things invariably ends up happening: Something cool happens because they work out perfectly, or something horrific happens because the whole thing gets blown up. That second scenario popped up on Saturday afternoon, as Tulane played host to Army in a battle of two pretty solid non-Power 5 programs.

The Green Wave ended up coming out on top, 38-12, with their final touchdown being the sort of emphatic nail in the coffin that can only happen in this incredibly weird sport. Tulane scored on a two-play, 17-yard drive with just under four and a half minutes in the fourth quarter, and on the ensuing kickoff, Army tried to inject a spark into things.

The issue was that, well, yeah.

So obviously, credit where it’s due, outstanding play by Tulane’s Jaetavian Toles to reel this in and break for the end zone. And honestly? Good on Army for trying this — they had a whole 12 points at the time this happened and their offense very obviously wasn’t getting it done, so they might as well go for broke. The issue, of course, is that they went extremely broke. Oh, and as an added twist, the total on this game was 47. The two teams combined for 43 points before this play and it hit 50 after it. Oof.