Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Photobombed By Rob McElhenney At UFC 187

While everyone was too busy keeping up with the fight on Saturday (not to mention new light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier’s remarks on Jon Jones after), one intrepid Redditor noticed something different during the Pay Per View telecast. No, it wasn’t a missed detail in the fight itself. Rather, it was who was attending the fight.

Mr. Let’s-Blow-Sh*t-Up-Together himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was in attendance at Saturday’s big match-up. The cameras panned over to the former Governator’s spot several times throughout the PPV broadcast. However, it was the moment that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney photobombed Schwarzenegger that sent Redditor frizzle_fraz into a fit of pure delight.

That’s right, folks. Mac puteth the stare down on all UFC 187 PPV viewers during Schwarzenegger’s thumbs up.

(Via Reddit)