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After freelance writer Joe Lavin made an early purchase of Jose Canseco's new book and reviewed it on his website, Deadspin turned up with an excellent scoop, if you're into steroid accusations: a photocopied excerpt from the book in which Canseco accuses Yankee slugger Alex Rodgriguez of coveting Canseco's (now ex-) wife Jessica and inquiring about how to get steroids. 

It's not boring, but it isn't really thrilling, either.  Several times Canseco claims that A-Rod told him Jessica was "the most beautiful woman in the world."  And I remembered her Playboy shoot (NSFW here and here), and I thought, "Really?  The most beautiful woman in the world?  I mean, she looked pretty good, but I thought she was a little too muscul– OHHHHHHHHHHH.  Right.  Story checks out."

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