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Three men were arrested yesterday and charged with the killing of Daniel Sale, the 22-year-old Phillies fan that was punched and kicked to death in the Citizens Bank Park parking lot. Francis Kirchner, 28, Charles Bowers, 35, and Jim Grove, 45

In 2006, Kirchner and some friends broke a man’s cheekbone in an unprovoked attack outside Moe’s. Kirchner was ordered by the court to undergo anger-management counseling [He’s also on probation –Ed.].

In 1993, Bowers stabbed a man four times after they got into an argument at a Fishtown house party. In October 1995, he was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison for his conviction of assault and possession of an instrument of crime [He stabbed a 19-year-old with a butcher knife. –Ed].

The altercation started in nearby McFadden’s pub over a spilled drink, igniting an altercation between an estimated 30 or 40 people, all of which were thrown out of the bar.

A short distance from McFadden’s, Clark said, Kirchner, Bowers, and Grove jumped Sale in a parking lot.

“All three of them were beating him. At some point went down on all fours, and they started kicking him and stomping,” Clark said.

Frailty of life and all that. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey noted that Sale was one of seven [SEVEN!] people killed over the weekend. That must have been one hell of a drink. Suddenly I don’t feel so ashamed of never leaving the house. This who thing is just unbelievable. via.

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