09.10.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

What Happens in Vegas star Ashton Kutcher is now an assistant coach for the North Hollywood Harvard-Westlake freshman football team.  His credentials?  He’s famous.

Kutcher decided to help coach the Wolverines freshman team last week because he’s friends with its coach, Scott Wood.

The paparazzi, armed with long-range lens, were at Harvard-Westlake’s freshman game last Friday. Audrius Barzdukas, head of athletics at the school, said he has been impressed with the actor as a coach.  “His sincerity and enthusiasm were refreshing,” he said.

This is the second straight day I’ve written up a story about an assistant freshman football coach.  And if I had my choice between Kutcher and the guy who tried to burn down the high school, well… where are the matches?  Burning to death has got to be better than The Butterfly Effect.

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