Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish Got Sucker Punched By A Fan Who Stormed The Field Then Scored The Game-Winner

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Fans storming the field of play typically involves them just drunkenly trying to get some attention — sometimes while naked — but there’s a reason stadium security takes idiots on the field as seriously as they do.

Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish learned this first hand on Sunday, during Villa’s visit to Birmingham City. A fan hopped the fence and ran onto the field early in the game and sucker punched Grealish in the side of the head while the captain had his back turned and was walking into the penalty area.

It was a stunning moment and the fan was removed from the stadium and has been given a lifetime ban. Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling deemed him “idiot of the year” on Twitter.

Birmingham City issued a statement saying they would be conducting an investigation and reviewing stadium security procedures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The EFL will wait for that report before determining whether to launch their own investigation.

Grealish stayed in the game and in the 66th minute scored the first and only goal of the match with a shot from the left side of the box to lift Aston Villa to a 1-0 win.

Even then, Grealish wasn’t done getting roughed up as a steward seemed to give him the business trying to get him back on the pitch after he ran to celebrated with Villa fans in the crowd.

After the match, Grealish discussed the incident and the goal, explaining what happened from his point of view and how sweet the game-winner was.

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